Hawai‘i Green Growth brings together diverse stakeholders committed to economic, social and environmental priorities. Hawai‘i Green Growth supports a shared vision for a more sustainable, resilient Hawai‘i grounded in time-bound goals and measures, concrete action, and a culture of collaboration. Our work supports locally driven solutions to global sustainability challenges.

As a local sustainability hub, Hawai‘i Green Growth public-private partners are collaborating to advance:

  • Hawai‘i’s statewide Aloha+ Challenge sustainability goals
  • Open-data impact Dashboard with agreed indicators
  • Joint policy priorities, resources, and projects
  • Scalable models to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Agreement

Hawai‘i Green Growth formed and evolved as a network of people working beyond their individual sectors, jobs, and agendas for the greater good of Hawai‘i and our island home – Island Earth.