Operations and Strategy Director

Position Description

This position oversees the Hawai‘i Green Growth Local2030 Hub’s organizational operations, strategy and development to support the network’s mission to advance environmental, social and economic priorities through the Aloha+ Challenge – Hawai‘i’s local framework to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Operations & Strategy Director provides oversight for the organization’s operations, development and finances, personnel, and strategy, working closely with the HGG Executive Director and HGG staff, as well as the Board of Directors, contractors and network partners. This position is supported by staff or equivalent support, with the potential for continued growth with the organization.

Reports to:       Executive Director

Location:          Honolulu, Hawai‘i


The Hawai‘i Green Growth Local2030 Hub is a statewide network that brings government, business and civil society to achieve economic, social and environmental priorities through the Aloha+ Challenge. Hawai‘i Green Growth (HGG) was recognized by the United Nations in 2018 as one of the first Local2030 hubs worldwide, in recognition of the strong track on the Aloha+ Challenge – Hawai‘i’s local framework to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) measured through an open-data Dashboard. The HGG public-private partnership formed in response to the 2011 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit hosted in Honolulu, and co-developed the Aloha+ Challenge and Dashboard with performance based metrics. To achieve impact, the HGG network advances innovative policy and financing strategies; technology and open-data initiatives; educational pathways that support the next generation of leaders; and uplifts local solutions to global sustainability challenges, building on island culture, values and indigenous knowledge.

Launched in 2014, Aloha+ Challenge: He Nohona ‘Ae‘oia is Hawai‘i’s local framework to deliver against the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Jointly led by the Governor, all four County Mayors, State Legislature, and Office of Hawaiian Affairs with statewide business and civil society partners, the Aloha+ Challenge identifies 2030 sustainability goals for Hawai‘i across economic, social and environmental sectors measured through an open-data Dashboard. The Aloha+ Dashboard was co-developed through a four-year stakeholder engagement process across all four counties to identify community-driven indicators to track progress, provide accountability and inform data driven decision-making. The HGG Measures & Data Working Group of county, state, business, and civil society partners supports on-going Aloha+ Dashboard development with identification of new metrics and available data to track progress. Visit the Aloha+ Dashboard at alohachallenge.hawaii.gov to learn more.


Network Policy, Strategy and Development:

  • Collaboratively advance organizational strategy, policy and development for the Hawai‘i Green Growth Local2030 Hub to support the statewide public-private network’s goals, mission and objectives to achieve the Aloha+ Challenge and UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Outline near, medium and long-term partnership strategies with Executive Director, staff, Board of Directors and partners to support identified priorities.
  • Implement systems, organizational policies, procedures, and standards to uphold network’s brand integrity, mission and values, and overall process cohesion within HGG programs.
  • Advance development activities for the network-based organization, including identifying contract and grant opportunities, meeting with potential funders and developing proposals, and liaising with grant writing team on proposals and reporting requirements.
  • Work with Executive Director to support Board of Directors and other leadership bodies with necessary reports, presentations and support.
  • Oversee annual network membership contributions, including requests, membership packets, acknowledgements and related outreach.
  • Provide oversight on grant proposals and reporting with staff to ensure timely submission and compliance of financial and other programmatic requirements, including management of development systems, tracking and documentation.

Operations & Fiscal Management:

  • Prepare annual organizational budget in partnership with Executive Director and staff for review by the Board of Directors, and prepare regular financial reports, analysis and projections with leadership team.
  • Manage organizational accounting and financial activities, including tracking revenue and expenditures in alignment with approved budget and accounts, and timely management of organizational payments.
  • Oversee execution and compliance with contracts and grants, including grant proposal development, submission and reporting, and tracking financial and other requirements.
  • Ensure organizational compliance with state and federal requirements, including but not limited to coordination of annual external financial audit, tax preparation needs, incorporation and insurance.
  • Coordinate regularly with fiscal agent to maintain accounts, payroll and systems, and work with contractors and service providers to meet other budget, fiscal and organizational requirements.
  • Evaluate existing operations systems and provide ongoing recommendations for implementation of new programmatic practices, procedures, and systems that support increased efficiencies.
  • Maintain organizational filing systems, procedures and important documents as required by law.

Personnel Management:

  • Provide supervision, support, coaching and training for staff in conjunction with Executive Director.
  • Serve as point of contact for day-to-day operations, and support organizational cohesion on HGG programs and priorities with staff leads.
  • Provide timely communications, information, resources and protocols to employees.
  • Organize weekly staff meetings, retreats and (other virtual or in-person) engagements to support team coherence and connection, and oversee annual employee review and evaluation process.
  • Build organizational and staff capacity with the Executive Director to retain a strong, dynamic team, including training and professional development opportunities, and on-going opportunities to increase organizational efficiencies and health.
  • Work with fiscal agent to oversee successful bi-monthly payroll and benefits delivery, including approving e-timesheets and related documentation, and serve as point of contact for human resources matters, liaising with employees and fiscal agent in timely manner.
  • Manage recruitment, hiring and on-boarding for new staff and team members, and maintain, update and ensure availability of employee resources, including the employee manual, employment policies and job descriptions.

Perform other duties as assigned to support the organization’s mission, goals and priorities.  

Desired Qualifications:

  1. Demonstrated leadership and personnel management skills, and the ability to motivate, support and work well with diverse teams.
  2. Successful work experience in organizational, fiscal and administrative management, including operations oversight, budget development, financial projections and reporting.
  3. Strong experience in grant writing, fundraising and managing grant and contract requirements.
  4. Strong aptitude for strategic thinking, innovation, and policy, as well as ability to thrive in adaptable and fast-paced work environments.
  5. Strong writing, communication, interpersonal and outreach skills.
  6. Familiarity and experience working with Hawai‘i’s geography, communities, industries and key partners highly desirable.
  7. Respect for and desire to support Hawaiian language, culture and traditions.
  8. Commitment to local and global sustainability goals, HGG Local2030 Hub culture of collaboration and island values of aloha and mālama.
  9. At least 3 years of experience in organizational, budget and financial management, fundraising and development, strategic planning, and managing diverse programs.
  10. Master’s degree or equivalent experience in non-profit or business management, sustainable development, international relations, or related field.
  11. Full computer literacy, with skills for internet research and email, Microsoft Office applications, QuickBooks and fiscal management and other current communications technologies.

Application Submission Details

Please submit your resume and cover letter online by November 8th at midnight HST:


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Contact breanna@hawaiigreengrowth.org with any questions, and please submit formal application materials through the online platform link provided.