Aloha+ Challenge

The Aloha+ Challenge is a statewide commitment to achieve Hawaiiʻs sustainability goals, and locally driven framework to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


The Aloha+ Challenge Dashboard is an online open-data platform to track progress, provide accountability and ensure transparency on Hawai‘i’s sustainability goals.

Ala Wai Watershed Collaboration

The Ala Wai Watershed Collaboration is a network of government, business, and community partners that coordinates across sectors to advance a holistic and stakeholder-driven vision of Honolulu’s Ala Wai Watershed.

Sustainability Business Forum

The Sustainability Business Forum is a group of Hawai‘i business executives taking initiative to shape a sustainable future for Hawaiʻi.

Global Impact & Next Gen Leadership

Hawai‘i Green Growth is a sustainability hub that brings together diverse partners to catalyze scalable green growth solutions for the UN 2030 Agenda.