About Local 2030

Our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, United Nations Member States adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development; this agenda and its seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are designed to put the world on a path towards a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future. The UN Local2030 Initiative brings together local and regional governments, the United Nations, businesses, civil society, and other partners, to collaboratively develop and implement solutions that advance the SDGs at the local level. The Aloha+ Challenge positioned Hawai‘i as an early leader on the SDGs, and led to the Hawai‘i Green Growth network’s recognition as one of the first Local2030 Hubs and the first hub of its kind in the Pacific and across islands globally.


“As an isolated land mass, Hawai’i has long understood the challenges of finite resources and developed a culture of sustainability. We gladly accept this United Nations recognition as a UN Local2030 Hub. Hawai’i will rise to the challenge of leadership, pointing the way for other island entities to create local and culturally appropriate responses to sustainability challenges.”

– Governor David Ige

The focus of the HGG Local2030 Hub is scaling locally and culturally appropriate and relevant sustainability solutions to global challenges through the implementation of Hawai‘i’s Aloha+ Challenge: He Nohona ‘Ae‘oia as a local framework to achieve the SDGs. In collaboration with the Global Island Partnership, Hawai‘i serves as the Local2030 Hub to uplift island-led solutions to global challenges across economic, social, and environmental sectors with other islands, US cities, and regions of major economies.