Local Solutions to Global Challenges

Scaling Island Models to Deliver on United Nations Sustainability Goals

The Hawai‘i Green Growth (HGG) United Nations Local2030 Islands Hub accelerates and scales local solutions to global sustainability challenges, building on island culture and values. In November 2018, the Hawai’i Green Growth network formally accepted the United Nations’ invitation to become one of the first Local2030 sustainability hubs worldwide. The designation as a UN Local2030 Hub recognized the collective achievements by Hawai‘i public and private sector partners through the Aloha+ Challenge, a local framework to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and global island leadership on sustainability.


“Hawai’i’s Aloha+ Challenge is an island-led solution that offers integrated, locally and culturally appropriate models to implement the UN sustainable development goals.” –

– H.E. Tommy E. Remengesau Jr., President of Palau

Islands are living laboratories for innovation and scalable solutions to complex global challenges, and connect generations of indigenous knowledge and systems-thinking with modern science and technology. With the Global Island Partnership (GLISPA), the HGG Local2030 Islands Hub highlights island innovations that can catalyze and scale integrated ridge-to-reef (mauka to makai) projects, cutting across the energy, water, food and urban nexus. Hawai’i’s Local2030 Hub serves as a nexus for scalable solutions that promote on-the-ground delivery of SDGs in the Asia Pacific, major economy and island context.