Kauaʻi Aloha+ Challenge


The County of Kauaʻi led by Mayor Derek Kawakami officially launched the Kauaʻi Aloha+ Challenge (KA+), enabling households to take action on Hawaiʻi’s statewide sustainability goals. Kauaʻi residents can sign up online and input information about household energy, water, waste, and transportation habits, and view sustainable actions they can take to reduce their contributions to climate change. This is based on the statewide Aloha+ Challenge, Hawai‘i’s local plan to achieve the seventeen United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, to support communities in joining the global movement.


KA+ actions cover energy efficiency, water, transportation, waste, food, and community, ranging from easy suggestions such as adjusting thermostats to big impact actions like installing solar panels or switching to an electric vehicle. The impact of actions are measured by the dollar amount in estimated potential savings as well as points, and participants can create teams or join community groups to take action and win points together. The top community group and team are featured on the Kauaʻi Aloha+ Challenge homepage.


The Kauaʻi Aloha+ Challenge is a great way to get involved in the community and implement the global goals in your own home. To get started, sign up online at https://www.kauaichallenge.org/.

Mayor Derek Kawakami launches the Kaua‘i Aloha+ Challenge