Our Network’s Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 is affecting communities around the world, demonstrating Hawai‘i’s vulnerability to global disruptions across our economy, community and way of life. This serves as a preview of the kinds of disruptions that could occur if we are not vigilant in preparing for a more sustainable future. The immediate and medium to long-term effects of COVID-19 also underscores the importance of partnerships across sectors, and the collective action underway through the Aloha+ Challenge to increase resilience and mitigate against future disasters, both locally and globally.

Learn more about Hawaiʻi Green Growth Local2030 Hub initiatives to respond to the needs of our network, as well as support the broader Hawai‘i community and our international partners during the COVID-19 health crisis and building back stronger through sustainable recovery.

Hawai’i Green Growth Local2030 Hub COVID-19 Network Survey

We are collecting input from our members and partners through a survey to help identify projects, policies and innovations that can address unemployment and contribute to stabilizing Hawai‘i’s economy, supporting recovery and building resilience. This survey will help inform our community and policymakers about strategies that should be part of Hawai‘i’s recovery, including creating a list of potential projects.


The open-data Aloha+ Dashboard platform now features COVID-19 data, resilience and response efforts, and other resources in collaboration with network partners. This spotlight on COVID-19 tracks metrics on the state of Hawaiʻi’s resilience and adaptive capacity in the face of this crisis. Specifically, data is presented on how well Hawaiʻi is able to slow the outbreak through social distancing, HawaiʻI’s public health preparedness, and how communities in Hawaiʻi have responded with aloha through volunteerism. 

VIRTUAL SERIES on Recovery, Resilience and Sustainability

We are hosting a virtual series on Hawai‘i COVID-19 recovery, resilience and sustainability. The series includes virtual Hawai‘i Green Growth working group meetings and forums on Policy and Legislation; Measures, Innovation, and Data; Local Global Next Generation Leadership Pathways; the Sustainability Business Forum; and other selected topics identified by the network.

Learn more about our virtual series and forums and stay tuned for upcoming dates and information on the network’s survey on COVID-19 green growth recovery policies.


Presented by Hawai‘i Green Growth and the Global Island Partnership, the Local2030 Islands Network launched a virtual platform for islands on COVID-19 to communicate challenges and draw strength from shared solutions. The platform is part of the network’s wider mission to connect and strengthen island leadership on sustainable development and resilience. This platform will include webinars focused on responding to COVID-19 with early themes identified by islanders. If you are an island stakeholder, we invite you to complete this Virtual Platform Questionnaire to help us understand how this platform can meet your needs.


The Hawai‘i Green Growth network is partnering on Virtual Volunteer Week from April 19 to 25th with Kanu Hawai‘i, Blue Zones Project Hawai‘i, the Department of Education, and other collaborators in response to COVID-19 to provide ways for students and citizens to safely be of service during this challenging time. Citizens can get involved in Virtual Volunteer Week Hawai‘i with at-home acts of service through the Aloha+ Challenge, and students can register until April 25th to create their own service activities with their families, classmates, and classrooms until mid-May. Volunteer hours and metrics will be shared through the Aloha+ Dashboard and upcoming Voluntary Local Review. 

In addition, we partnered with Kanu Hawai‘i to launch COVID-19: Respond with Aloha – an online platform that connects volunteers with service providers and opportunities to help support community needs.


As our community takes action, we will share these stories of aloha that reflect our island values
and collective impact as a network during this time of need.

Share your #StoriesofAloha with us at info@hawaiigreengrowth.org for network newsletters, social media and other platforms including the Aloha+ Dashboard and Aloha+ Challenge Five-Year Review, Hawai‘i’s first Voluntary Local Review on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.