Aloha+ Challenge: Celebrating 5 Years

Aloha+ Anniversary Cover

This July 7th marks the five-year anniversary of the Aloha+ Challenge: He Nohona ‘Ae‘oia, Building A Culture of Sustainability, Hawaiʻi’s statewide goals across economic, social, and environmental priorities. This effort led by public, private and civil society partners positioned Hawai‘i as a leader on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and led to the recognition as one of the world’s first UN Local2030 Hubs for local solutions to global challenges. 

Collective progress is measured on the Aloha+ Dashboard with targets, indicators and metrics co-developed through a multi-year process that convened statewide stakeholders across all four counties. Building on the Dashboard, the HGG Local2030 Islands Hub will release the Aloha+ Challenge Five Year Review this summer to highlight what we have achieved together and key areas for action.

In April, Hawaiʻi leadership from across all branches of government renewed their joint commitment to the Aloha+ Challenge: He Nohona ‘Ae‘oia as locally and culturally driven model to implement the UN SDGs with the statewide network and global island leadership. 

April 18th Global Goals Local Action Day
“Global Goals, Local Action Day” at Hawai‘i State Capitol on April 18, 2019 - Hawai‘i and Global Island Leadership jointly commit to sustainability and climate action during five-year anniversary of the Aloha+ Challenge

Hawai’i’s sustainability model through the Aloha+ Challenge is being recognized and scaled from the UN and the Commonwealth to Tasmania and Pacific islands. Based on Hawai‘i’s leadership and the accomplishments by public and private partners through the Aloha+ Challenge, the Hawai‘i Green Growth network was invited by the United Nations to become one of the first Local2030 Hubs worldwide to support place-based action on the global agenda. The HGG Local2030 Islands Hub is currently working with the Global Island Partnership to apply the Aloha+ Challenge and Dashboard to support locally driven SDG implementation with islands, across the Asia-Pacific region, and with sub-national regions of major economies.